Science 7/8

Welcome Science 7/8’s to my blog!

Interactions Within Ecosystems

1. <VIDEO link>: Volcano! Surtsey and Haemay

A fascinating extract from the ITV documentary “Savage Earth” first broadcast in the 1990s. Surtsey was the island born from an underwater volcanic eruption off the south coast of Iceland in 1963. Haemay was the small town on the Westmann islands, south of Iceland, which was awoken one night in 1973 to find its volcano had burst into life. The townsfolk fought the advancing lava with high pressure hoses and managed to turn it away from their harbour.

Fascinating shots of the eruption.

2. <VIDEO link>: Seventh Generation pt

A documentary about the role of young people in protecting the land and the culture of Red Lake Nation

Light and Optics Questions

Light & Optics Games:

Eye Diagram (after playing, draw it and label it in your books!)

Slide puzzle of the Human Eye

Jigsaw Puzzle of Electromagnetic Spectrum

Mirror Game

Light & Optics Crossword Puzzle Game

a BUNCH of Light & Optics Games

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