Physics Moodle Page

Here is the actual link to MOODLE

  1. This was your first Moodle assignment, to test Moodle out!!:
      • Go to Moodle: LINK
      • Click on CPS, then Physics 30
      • Log in using your username & password info below
      • Click on the tab called “Presentation Rubric
      • Click on the file called “Presentation Rubric” (you can look at the Rubric if you want!)
      • At the bottom, click “Add Submission”
      • Under the “File submissions” area, drag any file into it as a test (ex. you could drag in a word file that just says “hi”)
      • Click “Save Changes” which will take you back to the previous page
      • Finally, click “Submit Assignment.”
      • This message will come up: “Are you sure you want to submit your work for grading? You will not be able to make any more changes.” Just ignore it and click “Continue”
      • If the “Continue” page stays there afterwards just ignore it (for some reason it stayed for me??). You are done! Just close off this Moodle tab now.
      Logging in:
      username: lastname, first initial of first name
      ex. Austin Putland’s username = putlanda
      password for all is   churchbridge (but you can change it after)
      Two exceptions:
      Jasmine = spilchenja
      Walker = munsonwa​

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