Physics 30

LINK: 23 incredible new technologies you’ll see by 2021


Example: Einstein’s Proof of E=mc²: LINK (Thanks to Jacob Reetz!)

Kinematics & Dynamics – Project Awesome

Amazing Pendulum Wave Effect!: LINK

Misconception about falling objects: LINK

So the greater an object’s mass, the greater its inertia (resistance to motion) — so a heavier ball does experience more gravitational pull

Amazing slinky hovering!: LINK (info), LINK (video 1), LINK (video 2), LINK (video with prediction), LINK (prediction tested) – Thanks to Jacob Reetz!

Mr. G: what we need now is a giant slinky, and have someone hanging from its bottom, as it is dropped the person would levitate!! Of course, the weight of the slinky will fall with killer force, but that would be okay, right?

Mr G’s thought on the matter:

When the outstretched slinky is held still, the gravitational potential energy lost by the slinky stretching out should be equal to the elastic potential energy gained by the slinky.

As the slinky is released, the slinky both recoils upward (due to the loss in elastic potential energy) and falls downward at the same time (due to its gravitational potential energy being converted into kinetic energy). Once all the elastic energy is lost (the slinky is fully compressed), the system still has gravitational potential energy due to its remaining height from the ground, and so it continues to fall in its compressed state.

Epic – Slinky on a Treadmill: LINK

The Tennis Ball Mortar Cannon: LINK 

Mythbusters Blow your own sail small scale: LINK

Momentum: Tennis Ball and Basketball – video LINK, info LINK 1, info LINK 2

Electric box game


Faraday Suit: LINK

February 1 – Wednesday & Thursday Day 1 & 2 — missed classes due to the PX 2 sessions

Hello all, I am assigning TWO things I want you to have finished by Friday’s class because of the days you’ll miss for PX 2:

1. DUE FRIDAY: Create a word document that lists 5 main reasons to support nuclear power (PROS) and 5 main reasons to be against nuclear power (CONS):

  • For each PRO and CON point you have (all 10), I want you to write a paragraph in your own wordsthat describes in detail why it is a pro/con. Search on google to research it and find definitions to words you don’t know. I suggest that you reference the website(s) you used to find each point at the end of the paragraph. That will be a good reference for you to go back to when you are developing your debate arguments later on.


  • Read pgs. 798-805
  • Complete Practice problems # 1, 3, 5, 7 (Pgs. 801 & 805) — the answers are at the back of the text so try to get the answers (Pg. 909 under the Chapter 30 heading)
  • Then click contact me on my blog and send me a physics joke.

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