Phys 20

Unit: Light

  • Kevin & Jake presentation

Kevin & Jake light experiment – refractive index similarity between baby oil and glass (and different than water)

LINK: How to make glass disappear in a liquid

  • Alex’s lithium presentation (but the video below involves sodium):

LINK: Polarization of Light

LINK: Why is the Sky Blue?

Unit: Sound


iPad’s MadPad (thanks to Jacob Reetz!): LINK

Julian Smith’s Techno Jeep: LINK


LINK: Physclips – This site is very advanced but has fantastic resources for studying SOUND (and other physics material!)

Resonance in air columns / guitars, flutes, clarinets etc.

LINK: overall review (stretched strings, and open and closed tubes)

LINK: great overall video on resonance demo with water tube and tuning fork (note: cm measurements on pvc pipe, speaker vs. tuning fork etc.) — he includes this LINK to demonstrate what is actually occurring with the air molecules.

LINK: fantastic explanation of Open vs Closed Pipes (Ex. Flutes vs Clarinets), don’t miss this excellent video LINK (demonstrates how many lengths of a flute you would need to measure (ie. 2 lengths) to complete a wavelength), good for demo of measuring frequency of a particular note on a flute

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