Purchasing your slackline

Note: All the equipment can be bought at mec.ca

This is what I would use/buy:

  • 45-55 feet (17 m) of black 1″ tubular webbing (any colour you want, best if it doesn’t camouflage with grass of course…) for the main line [55 would provide more than you might ever need but it’s for you in case you take this to next level! Since it’s cheap enough, I would go for it!) — Mine is 40 feet just so you know.
  • 25 feet (8 m) of 1″ tubular webbing (any other colour) to make the anchors (cut in half to make 2 anchors, these anchors will be BIG but I like the extra so that’s why i bought 25 feet, just in case: usually you’ll end up having to wrap around a tree twice, but if you wrap around only once this extra allows you to make additional loops along the anchors so it will fit several tree sizes)
  • 5 carabiners (the specific ones I got were “Zodiac Screwgate Biners” Product# 5007-198)
  • 2 pieces of carpet for protecting tree & anchors, just anything around the house