I purchased the Blackbird Double Layer 1.7oz from warbonnet for $175 USD


  • I purchased a cheap Blue Poly Tarp from Coop to try before I fork out the big bucks 🙂
  • I used Shane’s setup HERE for creating my tarp’s guy-lines (I bought the supplies I needed online) — the fisherman’s knot can be viewed HERE and the Lark’s Head knot HERE
  • The only changes I made were: 1. Shane’s step 3 – instead of the brummel loop in one end of the zing-it I used a figure-8 knot because it was easier for me and 2. Shane’s step 5 – instead of the back splice, I made a backfold near the loose end of the zing-it and weaved a piece of tape in between.


Video: Ray Mears / Tarp Hammock Routine