French 7 Class History

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  • Make sure you are using Google Chrome as your web browser (otherwise Memrise can “freeze up” sometimes)
  • LINK: Memrise
  • Joining and getting to the class: Go to Memrise, sign up using the email you WON’T FORGET, then join my class and start learning: LINK
  • Following others in class: 
    • Short way: Click this LINK, then click “Members,” and as you hover over each other’s name in the class you can “Follow” them
    • Long way: If you  know a friend’s username, you can find them typing in your URL bar:[theirusername] – just make sure you replace [theirusername] with their actual username.




Clock Buddies

Class 1

  1. Attendance
  2. Introduction: I’m Mr. G (blog: About Me section): Bienvenue à notre classe de français pour la septième année
  3. Handout: Give me an update! (In-class-time to complete)
  4. Class Expectations (bring dictionary, headphones, when asking to: go to the washroom, or for getting a drink–> in French)
  5. Class Organization (seating plan, setting up clock buddies, using the blog)
    1. Q: Have you used DuoLingo? Memrize?
    2. Q: What French Games are you most familiar with?
  6. Go through Handout: Key Classroom Phrases in French
  7. Then do Super-Sleuth activity on backside
    • Bring in a cereal box to next French class (Friday)
    • Your introductions, if you didn’t finish for next French class (Friday)

Unit 1: Travel to a Francophone country

LINK to Main website: Des vacances en Francais


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